Why apollogreen?

First Reason:
We Love Our Mothers


As in … we love each and every MOTHER PLANT—not only for its medicinal properties but also for the beauty of the plant itself. Just like in our everyday lives, mothers mean the world to us. 

apollogreen works with healthy, vibrant plant mothers every day, leveraging premium genetics and advanced micropropagation growing methodology to produce millions of rooted clones and flower-ready plantlets for licensed producers. 

4 More Reasons to Choose apollogreen


More Time

The traditional method of starting a cannabis production of a new genetic can take months from seed to harvest. It’s also time-consuming and costly to switch strains in response to changing market demands or to recover from crop failure. Leave the proven genetics and early growing stages of healthy cloned mother plants to us. Our flower-ready starter plants can get you to market in a matter of weeks!

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More Space

Ready to expand your flowering space by repurposing square footage normally reserved for propagation? Let apollogreen take care of storing mother plants, cloning, and early vegetative growth at our Canadian facility in the Ottawa region. Convert NON revenue-generating space into revenue-generating flowering space with our genetically-identical, flower-ready clones. 

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Superior Quality

Drawing from a world-class genetic bank of 360+ strains, our plants are grown in a carefully controlled environment protected from outdoor conditions, seasonal changes, weather events, natural pests, and contamination. Combining the advanced techniques of micropropagation, optimized indoor vegging techniques, ideal lighting quality, and automation technologies, we can increase yields by up to 100%. 

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Absolute Trust

At apollogreen, we’re cloning mother plants with superior genetic strains, growing them in very strict environmental conditions and lab-testing them so they are free of diseases, molds, mildew, fungus, harmful bacteria, and any other defects. Canadian licensed producers who choose apollogreen cannabis know they are getting reliably sourced, premium genetics and consistently clean, robust yields. Every time.

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By selling starter plants to licensed producers, we fulfill our mission—which is to help large and small licensed producers REDUCE risks, SAVE time, as well as INCREASE their yields and margins.