World-Class Genetics and Micropropagation

Our Cannabis

Did you know that apollogreen has a genetic bank of more than 600+ world-class cannabis strains?

Like the finest wines all over the world, each of our strains has its own unique flavour profile, terpene blend, flowering time, colour, height, yield, degree of disease resistance, and medicinal properties.

All of our genetic strains are graded AAAA (quad or quadruple A). apollogreen defines AAAA-grade cannabis as:

  • Lab tested for pests, pathogens, pesticides and contaminants
  • High trichome presence (distinct hairs, sticky feel)
  • A sweet or robust aroma and a chemical-free taste
  • No “harsh” feelings in the throat when vaporized or smoked
  • If smoked, burns cleanly and evenly (powdery, white ash)

When we sell rooted clones or flower-ready starter plants, licensed producers will know EXACTLY what they are getting—every time.

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Genetically IDENTICAL Consistency

By applying the most efficient tissue culture propagation techniques, we can accelerate the growth of safe, lab-tested and disease-free genetically-identical plantlets. 

We have an exclusive partnership with a global leader in the field of plant genetic tissue culture and tissue culture micropropagation.

Our partner is managing a proprietary, innovative and industrial-scale tissue culture propagation operation in apollogreen’s facility in the Ottawa region.

We also have a partnership with Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, where our “mother” plants will be cleaned and optimized to ensure they are free of diseases, molds, mildew, harmful bacteria, and any other defects.

What is tissue culture?

Tissue culture is a method of choosing a healthy plant with desired characteristics such as genetic purity, premium quality and disease resistance, taking a small cutting (explant) from it, and growing “copies” of this plant in a nutrient medium under sterile, optimized growing conditions.

What is MICROpropagation?

Done correctly, new plantlets derived from the “mother” tissue culture can be stimulated to produce new shoots and roots very rapidly. Micropropagation (also called tissue culture propagation) is the successful production of a large number of plants using this advanced method.

Controlled growing environment

State-of-the-Art Facility
20 Minutes East of Downtown Ottawa

Growing and keeping cannabis plants disease-free requires an impeccably controlled growing environment leveraging the ideal blend of science, technology and cultivation mastery.

In 2018, apollogreen completed the construction of a 5,000 sq. ft. facility 20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa near the Amazon Fulfillment Centre. This is where apollogreen-bred mother plants are being securely stored and high-yield clones expertly cultivated.

The smaller footprint of the building, combined with our efficient growing methodology and ability to dramatically increase supply, is great news for licensed producers looking to source or supplement their cannabis products.