Canadian Cannabis Cultivator apollogreen Has Entered the B2B Cannabis Market

On July 12, 2019, apollogreen, a Canadian cannabis genetics and micropropagation company, was granted three licences for standard cultivation, standard processing and federal medical sales. apollogreen has entered the global B2B cannabis market and is now open for business.

Located 20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa near the Amazon Fulfillment Centre, apollogreen is an industrial-scale, business-to-business genetics and micropropation company that supplies premium quality (safe, lab-tested, and disease-free) cannabis and hemp starter plants to the global market.

2 reasons why we’re already ahead of the game

We specialize in:

1) Maintaining one of the largest genetic banks of cannabis and hemp in the world with 360+ varieties—a premium source of best-quality, signature strains that we will continue to develop and enhance.

2) Growing and distributing safe, lab-tested and disease-free starter plants by leveraging the science of industrial-scale tissue culture propagation—the more consistent and reliable alternative to traditional cloning methods.

Top 4 Benefits for Licensed Producers


Months of Growing Time Saved

Licensed producers will save months of cloning and vegetative time by purchasing our healthy, disease-free signature starter plants. Plants can be raised to be “ready to veg,” “fully vegged” or “in flower.” The more physiologically aged, the less time and space are required to harvest them.


More Space for Flowering

Because it’s the flowering space that generates revenues, licensed producers who purchase starter plants can repurpose square footage generally reserved for mother cloning and vegetating plantlets. The space can be reallocated as expanded space for flowering, resulting in a 20-25% increase in revenues.


Premium Quality

Our signature starter plants are bred and sourced using known and trusted AAAA grade genetic material from our world-class genetic bank. Our genetic material is lab-tested (pathologically, genetically and physiologically). Licensed producers can rely on safe, disease-free, premium quality rooted clones or flower-ready plantlets—every time.


Less Risk to Scale Rapidly

Licensed producers can scale up rapidly by having more time, more space, more revenues, and less risk to get our signature products to market more quickly than ever before. Our signature plantlets are produced from advanced micropropagation methods to accelerate millions of safe, disease-free starter plants to the B2B market.  

Our mission is to help large and small licensed producers REDUCE risks, SAVE time, as well as INCREASE their yields and margins.

Ready to Grow

Next Steps for apollogreen

We have successfully built our a B2B infrastructure and are focused on  pheno hunting to ramp up our portfolio of highly sought after craft cannabis strains for our Canadian and International partners and customers, continually building relationships that focus on our growth as one of Canada’s best genetics companies.

We are in the process of obtaining our  sales licence and have our online Medical Store to reach medical and recreational customers in the near future. We will continue to keep all our customers and partners updated as plan and achieve each milestone of our growth plans. 

In conjunction with becoming operational at our  initial facility, the apollogreen team has been focused on planning our future growth. Exciting things to come in 2021! 

Cannabis Investor Inquiries

apollogreen is focused on creating long-term growth and shareholder value. Investors wanting to better understand our technologies are encouraged to read more about:

You can also read more about what differentiates apollogreen from other cannabis companies?

For investment enquiries, please email or call 613-443-0011.