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At Apollo Green, we have two end goals to serve you best:

Licensed Producers

We help licensed producers get to market faster by providing you with premium quality, unique clones and seeds.


Medicinal Cannabis

We help medical cannabis patients access a wider variety of plants and seeds that provide consistent premium quality, helping them manage their health concerns with confidence.

Apollo Green is Canada’s leader in Cannabis Genetics.

Using the largest bank of cannabis genetics that boasts superior and exotic lineage, the company’s mission is to provide an ever growing options of seeds and clones to medical patients and recreational consumers.

Apollo Green provides millions of clean, trusted seeds and cannabis clones backed by the foremost tissue culture technology to reduce risks, costs and time-to-market for licensed producers globally.

Why choose apollogreen?


Save. Gain. Grow.


Save Time

Licensed producers can save months of NON revenue-producing growing time by purchasing apollogreen rooted clones or flower-ready starter plants. Here are 5 reasons why …


Gain Space

Let apollogreen take care of the genetics, micropropagation and early-stage vegetative growth, so you can free up square footage and repurpose it for expanded, revenue-generating harvesting space. Tell me more about genetics and micropropagation.


Grow Higher Yields

Grow more and get to market faster with our safe, lab-tested, and trusted starter plantlets. Our products are PGP tested (pathologically, genetically and physiologically). Contact apollogreen now!

Want to Know More?

Why Choose Our Cannabis?

Premium quality cannabis is our craft. Optimized growing methodologies are our science. Learn how we bring it all together.

Why apollogreen?

There are many reasons why licensed producers choose our rooted clones and flower-ready plantlets. The top reason may surprise you … at first!

Meet Our Team

Our executive team, partners and senior advisors have decades of experience in business, growing methodologies and cultivation.

Are You an Investor?

Health Canada has awarded us three licences for standard cultivation, standard processing and federal medical sales.


Recent News:

Two-year OCI grant awarded to apollogreen

Two-year OCI grant awarded to apollogreen

Feb 2021: Apollo Green, in collaboration with the Technology Access Centre/Applied Research Centre of Cannabis Sciences at the Loyalist College, is the recipient of a two-year OCI Grant in the amount of $150,000. For full details, view the press release:...

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